Pork SA Snapshots – August 2014

Pork SA activities

  • Illegal raids on 4 farms and 1 abattoir in SA have taken place earlier in 2014. If you suspect anything let a Pork SA Committee member or myself know immediately.
  • Through assistance from Pork SA, RSPCA inspections are being undertaken on these farms. To date these official inspections have not led to any actions by RSPCA. These provide additional assurance to producers who largely have had current APIQ accreditation.
  • RSPCA is required to advise of pending visits and producers can nominate your representative to be present at the inspection. This has usually been the herd’s veterinarian. Ensure that it is an official inspection, whereupon RSPCA is obliged to provide the producer with a report. It is important for producers to forward these RSPCA reports to APL to go on your APIQ file.
  • Dr Barry Lloyd has been providing training to RSPCA inspectors on auditing against the Code.
  • The APL Pig Farm Invasion Toolkit has been designed to protect APL members and to better prepare them to protect their farm from the impact of activist invasions. For APL members to view the document please go to https://pigpass.australianpork.com.au/Account/LogOn?ReturnUrl=%2f. Please use your APL Member or alternatively your Pigpass Portal login details to access the document within the APL Members section. You would be well advised to assume your farm could be under surveillance so you should follow the advice provided by APL.
  • SafeWork SA Self-Audit Training Workshops.
    Two workshops on training producers in how to conduct their own WHS on-farm self-audit was provided by SafeWork SA inspectors. As part of the program these inspectors will visit farms to assess and support improvements resulting from the application of the “audit tool” by participating producers. The “tool’ is attached for your use.

Coming events

  • SA Pig Industry Day Friday 27th February 2015 at Barossa Weintal Hotel/Motel.
    Venue selected as it provides accommodation in the hope that it will encourage more people to attend. Attendees and partners are encouraged to stay for the dinner. Reserve suites early through Deb Schuster functions@barossaweintal.com.au or on 8563-2303.
  • APL Biogas Workshop - Murray Bridge, SA – 24 September 2014.
    Register now by contacting Ian Kruger on iankrugerconsulting@gmail.com or  0401 365 488

What’s new

  • "Stepping into Leadership" program aimed at women in Agriculture and Agribusiness.
    Last year 4 women from the SA pork industry participated in this leadership development program. Please see the attached flyer detailing the program; it contains a link to apply applications close 5th September 2014. The program assumes you are busy in your business, so it provides opportunities to participate while minimising time out of the business. Registered membership of Pork SA is not essential to be eligible.
  • Business resilience workshops -
    Exceptional Circumstances funding is no longer an option to primary producers affected by drought and other external hardships. Instead government is expecting farmers to forward plan to manage the risks to their business. This 4 day program focuses on the skills farmers need in business planning and performance analysis, and managing risks. It is funded by the SA Department of State Development, with a small enterprise contribution. See attached flyer for more details.
  • CFS –
    Pork SA has written to government seeking review of fire rating classification of large livestock sheds >500m2 as Class 8. Inter-departmental discussions are underway accordingly; you will be kept posted.
  • Government Boards and Committees
    as part of a whole of government reform the Premier has written to advise of abolishment of all Boards and Committees. Only those that can justify their roles are to be retained. PIAG and Pork SA Committee are jointly advocating retention of strong producer management of levy funds to support ongoing industry development.