Pork SA Snapshots – June 2015

Coming events

  • 7 August APL/CRC/Pork SA Update –
    “Biosecurity matters” update on Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea virus (PED) disease (Darryl D'Souza),  CRC animal health update (Roger Campbell), Protecting your farm (Darryl D'Souza), APIQ review update/changes (Tony Abel), Market demand/China update (Peter Haydon), Transparency initiative (Andrew Spencer), general Q&A session - Noon-4pm, Barossa Weintal, lunch provided (RSVP for catering by Monday 3 August andypointon.food@iinet.com.au 0418 848845)

What’s new

Farm Building Code Fire requirements revised
Pork SA has actively contributed to the Dept. Planning, Transport and Infrastructure consultation process regarding updating of the Minister’s Specification SA H3.2 : Concessions for farm buildings. While these concessions have been submitted directly and through APL to a national review of the Building Code due 2016, they will be available to SA producers irrespective of the outcome of that national review. The new Gazetted concessions include;
-Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions (see attached Fact Sheet)  
i.e. compliance with Minister’s Specification means no requirement to refer the application to the fire authority under regulation 28(3) of the Development Regulations
-          Reductions in amount of firefighting water storage required:  36,000L/500-1000m2 shed (50% more if non-fire retardant construction).
-          Only need one tank regardless of the number of sheds provided hydrants are as specified in Fact Sheet.  Therefore, could have 6 x 600m2 shelters serviced by one tank/water supply if properly situated
-          Greater distance from hydrants to buildings - Fire hydrants located so that every part of the perimeter of a new building is within 100m of a hydrant outlet (previously 70m)
-          Use of existing infrastructure – farm-water tanks with residual amounts reserved for CFS use, dams
-          Allowance for tanks with fire service connections to be used instead of hydrants, as long as no point of any building with more than 500m2 floor-space is more than 100m from a tank connection.
-          Hydrant ring mains not required
-          Other concessions regarding distances between exits, portable fire extinguishers, lighting are provided (see Minister’s Specification attached), hose reels as an alternative to wall mounted fire extinguishers
-          Fact Sheet can be found under resources on the Pork SA website
-          Building Planning steps, see http://www.cfs.sa.gov.au/site/fire_safety/development_assessment_service.jsp

  • SafeWork SA free advisory service offer - http://www.safework.sa.gov.au/show_page.jsp?id=114343
    -          SafeWork SA can help you make your business safe
    -          At a time and location that suits you, SafeWork SA can provide a free consult, information session or lead a group discussion to build your skills in managing work health and safety tailored to your workplace          
    -          Meet and talk about health and safety issues
    -          Help find solutions to health and safety risks
    -          Advice on how to develop and implement your own safety management system
    -          SafeWork SA is here to support and help you.

  • Aussie Pork Industry (APL) Develops First Biogas Code of Practice -

Pork SA Activities

  • SA Pig Industry Advisory Group (PIAG) reform - Following unanimous endorsement at its AGM, Pork SA continues to negotiate with government to assume the role of the Minister’s Pig Industry Advisory Group and management of Pig Industry Fund projects, in order to improve the efficiency of delivery of industry benefits. A Discussion Paper has been developed with PIRSA, and PIRSA will independently consult with industry to seek endorsement/feedback for this industry committee reform proposal. You will be advised when this Industry Consultation “ballot” period is open.

  • Pork SA’s website is under development to provide key information and links for industry and to ensure accessibility for those wishing to contact the industry’s state-based association.

  • AWAC membership – Kerryn Moses, Salt Lake Bacon has been appointed as one of two SA livestock industry representatives to the state’s Animal Welfare Advisory Committee.

  • Training – Pork SA has written to Minister Gago expressing strong feedback from Pork SA members that there is a strong case to be made for maintaining allocation of subsidised training places to regional private providers and not mainly through TAFE SA.