Pork SA Snapshots – March 2014

Pig Industry Day Report

  • Pork SA became responsible for the annual S.A. Pork Industry Day which was held 21 Feb 2014 at new Vet School Roseworthy Campus.
  • Participation included total attendees 125 and dinner attendees 117.
  • PIRSA PorkPage and APL are thanked for assistance with promotion of the event.
  • Significant sponsorship was provided by 25 Industry Partners, APL and  SARDI - all sponsors are gratefully thanked for their support and participation.
  • Seminars drew on industry experience and related APL and CRC R&D outputs to support Animal Welfare and Gestation Stall Free initiatives.
  • APL and CRC are thanked for providing moderators and speakers for the seminar sessions.
  • The event demonstrated the SA industry has considerable resources, expertise and cohesiveness to support industry development.

 Coming events

  • 5th World Congress of Rural Women, Adelaide November 3&4 2014
    The World Congress of Rural Women is an international gathering of rural women that occurs at four yearly intervals. The Congress has the ability to empower women through capacity building and skills development thus enabling them to participate in global, political and economic forums. Contact 0418 848845 or Reply email for further details

 What’s new

  • Pork SA Committee for 2014  

Chair: Matthew Starick

Vice Chairs: Andrew Johnson and Mark McLean

Secretary/Treasurer: Tony Richardson

Executive Committee: Barry Lloyd and Peter Brechin

Committee Members: Garry Tiss, Nick Lienert, David Reu, Butch Moses, Rod Hamann, Christine Sapwell.

  • RSPCA -
    Pork SA has met with management of the RSPCA in SA and agreed that Dr Lloyd will assist with training of RSPCA Inspectors in assessing pig welfare; herds will need to be “volunteered” for this training.
  • WorkPlace Health & Safety Workshops:
    29 Owners/Managers attended these workshops at Roseworthy 26 March and Murray Bridge 28 March.